The Princess Knight
The Princess Knight
Author(s) Cornelia Funke
Original title Der geheimnisvolle Ritter Namenlos
Translator Anthea Bell
Illustrator Kerstin Meyer
Publisher(s) Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag

The Chicken House

Publication date 2001
English publication date March 1, 2004
ISBN ISBN 0-439-53630-8

The Princess Knight is a 2004 picture book by German author Cornelia Funke. It was first published in Germany under the title Der geheimnisvolle Ritter Namenlos.


Violetta is a little princess who wants to be as strong and brave as her brothers. And what she lacks in size, she makes up for in determination. At night she slips out into the woods and secretly teaches herself to become the cleverest, most nimble knight in the land. Soon she will be ready for the greatest battle of all - the battle for herself.


King Wilfred the Worthy and his wife Queen Violetta had three sons, who were brought up the way the King was. Queen Violetta gives birth to a daughter, sadly dying in the process. The baby girl is named Violetta after her mother. The King decides to raise her like his sons, and none of his subjects dare disagree. Though she tries hard, she fails to prevail, and her brothers mock her and boast about their talents, and her nursemaid tries to persuade her to do more feminine activities.

King Wilfred insists on getting Violetta married. He holds a jousting competition for knights to decide who will win his daughter. Violetta disguises herself as a boy and takes part in the competition. When she wins, Violetta reveals herself, winning her freedom.