The Tailor
The Tailor
Home The Hungry Forest
Gender Male (likely)
Race/Species Unknown
Weapon Fingers
Fate Deceased
Appearances Reckless

The Tailor is a character in Reckless.


The Tailor has been terrorising the Hungry Forest for as long as the Mirrorworlders can remember. At some point, victims managed to hack off two of his fingers


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When Jacob is travelling to the house of the Hungry Forest child-eater he and Fox realise the Tailor is stalking them. After leaving Clara and Will behind, Jacob departs to drive the Tailor away, trailed by Fox. They successfully kill the Tailor.


He likes to play a cat-and-mouse game with his victims.


Hungry Forest child-eaterEdit

The Tailor is wary of the Child-eating Witch of the Hungry Forest. They possibly have had some feud together, since the Tailor won't enter her house.


The stories about him are as old as the Hungry Forest itself. The only confirmed story is that he earned his name by tailoring clothes out of the skin of his human victims. He moves clumsily, like a bear.

He has a bearded, dirt-caked face, his eyes were blank, like the eyes of a dead man, his teeth yellowed, his adversary not very tall, and his clothes at first look like poorly tanned leather. The fingers on his left hand ends in broad blades, each as long as a dagger. The blades on the right were as long and lethal, except these were slender and pointed, like sewing needles. Both hands had a finger missing because his other victims tried (unsuccessfully) to defend their skins