Family members Boniface (brother)
Prosper and Boniface's Father (deceased)
Esther Hartlieb (disowned aunt)
Max Hartlieb (disowned uncle)
Prosper and Boniface's Mother (deceased)
Victor Getz (adoptive father)
Ida Spavento (adoptive mother)
Scipio Fortunato (adoptive brother)
Caterina Grimani (adoptive sister)
Riccio (adoptive brother)
Mosca (adoptive brother)

Prosper is a 12 year old orphan and the main character in The Thief Lord


Early Life

Before his mother died, she used to tell him and Bo vivid stories about Venice, which was what inspired the two runaways to flee to Venice when she died.

The Thief Lord

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Prosper has brown hair and blue eyes, and usually has a very serious looking face.


He tends to worry excessively, but is mature for his age. Prosper is sensitive and does not like stealing. Prosper forbids Bo from stealing, worrying that Esther would have reason to point out Prosper is turning him into a thief.



Prosper likes Hornet, which is mutual.


Prosper is very close friends with Scipio. He felt extremely betrayed when Victor revealed that Scipio was nothing but a liar, and the loot he had supposedly stole from fine houses were taken from his own home.


—speaker The Thief Lord, page 86

Prosper is extremely protective of his little brother, sometimes too overprotective, as Bo confides in Victor.


In The Thief Lord, Prosper is played by Aaron Johnson.