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Age 13
Occupation Army private
Gender Female
Family members Unnamed She-Goyl (sister) †
Skin colour Amethyst on brown jasper
Race/Species Goyl
Weapon Claws


Fate Alive
Appearances Reckless

Nesser is sister to an unnamed She-Goyl, and a millitary private for King Kami'en.


Nesser presumably grows up with her sister, who she is close to. When her sister gets killed by humans, she started harbouring a grudge against humans.


Nesser is first introduced as the only She-Goyl in the squad assigned to Hentzau, when Hentzau indicates she strike Threefingers. When their scout has lost their trail, Nesser tells Hentzau that she knows the way to the valley where the island the Fairies reside at due to being part of the escort Kami'en sends with her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nesser is a brown-jasper Goyl, but, like all She-Goyls, hers is suffused with amethyst.


Nesser is mentioned to be very courageous. She respects Hentzau a lot.



Nesser respects Hentzau a lot. Hentzau is fond of Nesser, which makes him strict with her.

Nesser's sisterEdit

Nesser was probably close to her sister because she has harboured an intense hatred against humans ever since the unnamed She-Goyl was killed by humans.