Margaret Hartgill
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Home Whitcroft home
Gender Female
Family members Mr. Whitcroft (ex-husband) †

Jon Whitcroft (son)
Two unnamed females (daughters)

Race/Species Human
Fate Alive
Appearances Ghost Knight

Margaret Littlejohn (née Hartgill, previously Whitcroft), the former wife of the late Mr. Whitcroft, currently married to Matthew Littlejohn and the mother of Jon Whitcroft and two unnamed females.


Margaret married Mr. Whitcroft and had three children. Four years after her first child, Jon, was born, Mr. Whitcroft died from an unknown cause. Around five years after Mr. Whitcroft died, Margaret started dating Matthew Littlejohn, a dentist, much to her son's displeasure. Jon started

Ghost KnightEdit

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Margaret is said to make fun of people who delve into their family history. She is shown to be scared of Zelda Littlejohn, who she finds rather peculiar, and almost decides to call off her relationship with Mathew Littlejohn due to the fact he started asking her about her belief in ghosts.


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Mr. WhitcroftEdit

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Jon WhitcroftEdit

Margaret dotes on her eldest son, who is said to be the apple of her eyes.

Zelda LittlejohnEdit

Margaret is a little scared of Zelda, finding her rather peculiar because of the toads she owned.