Laurence Whitcroft
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Home Whitcroft home
Gender Male
Family members Margaret Whitcroft (wife)

Jon Whitcroft (son)
Two daughters

Race/Species Human
Fate Deceased
Mentioned Ghost Knight

Laurence Whitcroft was a former student and chorister at Salisbury Cathedral School. He was the husband of Margaret Whitcroft, the father of Jon Whitcroft and two unnamed females. He died four years after his first child was born.


Laurence was enrolled as a boarder at Salisbury Cathedral School. He successfully auditioned to become a chorister during that time, something which his son Jon failed to follow in his footsteps.

Later lifeEdit

He married Margaret Hartgill and had three children with her, one boy, two girls. Around four years after the birth of Jon, he died from an unknown cause.


Laurence is said by Margaret to have greatly admired William Longspee.


  • His name is only mentioned in the original German manuscript of Ghost Knight.