This is a fictional language from the Reckless series.

The Language of the Goyl is given no particular name in the books (Reckless, Fearless) . It is used by the humanoid race with stone flesh of the world behind the mirror named Goyl.

Editor's note Edit

If you know more about the language of the Goyl, please add it, but please remember to name a source. If you spot any mistakes in grammar or spelling, please feel free to correct them. Thank you!

Vocabulary Goyl-German in alphabetical Order Edit

There are not many words known of the Goyl's language. The only known words derive from the Goyl's names, but as the meanings translate into ordinary words, they are here listed as Vocabularies.

Goyl - English in alphabetical Order Edit

H Edit

Hentzau - unknown

K Edit

Kami'en - Stone

N Edit

Nerron - Black


Nia'sny - Darkness

English - Goyl in alphabetical Order Edit

The words with unknown meaning are not listed here


Black - Nerron

D Edit

Darkness - Nia'sny

S Edit

Stone - Kami'en

Grammar Edit

There is nothing known about the grammar of this language as there isn't a full sentence in the books. Only some names are translated and provide a translation for a few words.

It is noticeblee that there are apostrophes before the last syllable of the words Kami'en and Nia'sny. The names Nesser and Hentzau prove that this isn't a basic rule for all names.

Writing System Edit

It is unknown if Goyl use one of the ways to write down words known to us, or if they even do so or did so before they started to trade and negotiate with humans.