Gingerbread house

The gingerbread house of the child-eater who resides in The Hungry Forest

The Hungry Forest Child-eater's house is an abandoned house appearing in Reckless.


Early historyEdit

An unnamed child-eater settled in the Hungry Forest and built a gingerbread house to bait children into entering for her to eat.


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The gingerbread house is located deep the Hungry Forest.



The house could be entered by a notorious gate that would admit anyone but wouldn't let anyone out. The exception to this is Jacob's magical key. The house is surrounded by a wrought-iron fence with candy stuck to it.


The sugar-icing roof's tiles were painted bright cherry-red, but as of current they are covered in moss, and paint was peeling off the window frames. Before the abandonment pieces of gingerbread were stuck to the outer walls, but now most of the gingerbread has fell off. Sugary icicles still hang from the gutters and the windowsill, and the house smells of cinnamon and honey.

Front yardEdit

A well is located in the front yard along with a pail that has became rusty since the child-eater was chased out.

Back yardEdit

Stinging nettles grow high to the area where the child-eater's garden.


The child eater has grown various poisonous plants including monkshood and May lilies. Between the hemlock and the nightshade she has planted a shiny black berry bush with feathered leaves that can heal any type of poison. She also grows various herbs, some of which gives off a bittersweet aroma.



Room with the OvenEdit

According to Jacob, if you sleep in the room with the oven you get bad dreams

Hansel and GretalEdit

The house is based on the one in fairytale Hansel and Gretal.