Evenaugh Valiant
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Age 60+
Gender Male
Hair colour Red, greying
Race/Species Dwarf
Weapon Hands
Appearances Reckless

Evenaugh Valiant is a dwarf.


Finding the Fairy LilyEdit

When the Empress offers a reward for the one who would find a Fairy lily, top treasure-hunter Jacob Reckless is tempted by the deal and has heard of Valiant. Jacob goes to Valiant's business, at that time his secretary being a grumpy Dwarf woman. Paid, Valiant and Jacob ride to the Valley, the only entrance to the island where the Fairies reside. Valiant fails to tell Jacob how to evade the Unicorns, thus Jacob nearly dies from the wounds inflicted by them, and Valiant gets the Fairy lily and sells it to the Empress, earning him much fame.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

Valiant has curly red hair that is turning grey, and is fatter than when Jacob previously visited him.


Valiant is an untrustworthy, shifty, and scheming person. He is greedy and corrupt, as shown by his illegal dealing of semiprecious stones and his desire to have a gold tree.


Jacob RecklessEdit