Family members Prosper (brother)
Prosper and Boniface's Mother (deceased)
Prosper and Boniface's Father (deceased)
Esther Hartlieb (disowned aunt)
Max Hartlieb (disowned uncle)
Victor Getz (adoptive father)
Ida Spavento (adoptive mother)
Scipio Fortunato (adoptive brother)
Caterina Grimani (adoptive sister)
Riccio (adoptive brother)
Mosca (adoptive brother)

Boniface, nicknamed "Bo", is a main character in The Thief Lord.


Early LifeEdit

Boniface (a.k.a. Bo) lived with his brother, Prosper, and his mother. When his mother died, he was adopted by his aunt and uncle, Esther and Max Hartlieb, thus separating him from his brother (who he could then only see once a month). Then, when Prosper decides to bring Bo to a place where their mother fantasized about, they ran away from Hamburg to Venice. Bo is about 5 years old according to the book.


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After Bo had moved to Venice with his brother, Prosper, he expected a happy life with his new friends without his cruel aunt Esther coming to find him again. When Bo is then being followed by a detective, Victor Getz, he knows he will have to be sent back to his aunt and uncle. But when Victor and Bo grow a strong bond together, Victor stalls and tells Esther that the boys are no longer in Venice. Bo grows a liking of stealing.


Bo, unlike his brother Prosper, is rather childish and is eager to join the rest of the gang out stealing. Unlike Prosper, he is worry-free and thinks that him and Prosper are safe in Venice. He believes that they are a safe distance from their aunt Esther.


He is described with angelic features, having curly blond hair which is later dyed black with ink in an attempt to render Bo unrecognisable by Victor Getz.



"Your brother said that? He seems to care of you really well." - Victor Getz

"Yes, sometimes he looks after me a bit too much" - Bo (Boniface)

Prosper, Bo's older brother, is extremely protective of Bo. Prosper forbids Bo from stealing. Prosper, like Bo, wants to live a happy life away from his nasty aunt and uncle, so they move to Venice together in peace.


Hornet is motherly to Bo. She takes good care of him, as seen in the film when she gives Bo some medicine. She always sticks up for him.


Bo greatly admires Scipio. It is presumed when Scipio's guilt was revealed this feeling changed.he is 13 years old has raven black hair and has dark brown eyes

Victor GetzEdit

Victor is a dear friend to Bo and is always there for him. He is in a somewhat way like a father to Bo. [[Category:The Thief Lord character traits