Angus Mulroney
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Age 11
Home Salisbury Cathedral School (boarding)
Gender Male
Race/Species Human
Fate Alive
Appearances Ghost Knight

Angus Mulroney is a student and chorister at Salisbury Cathedral School. He is three quarters Scottish.


Ghost KnightEdit

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Physical AppearanceEdit

Angus is taller than Jon by at least a head.


"Angus slept under a mountain of fluffy toys, and he wore pajamas with dogs printed on them. I quickly found out that both of those facts were best left unmentioned, unless you were keen to learn firsthand what a "Scottish Hug" felt like."
Jon Whitcroft on Angus
Angus has one dog, two canaries, and a tame turtle, indicating he has a love for animals. Furthermore, he owns a lot of fluffy toys and wears pajamas with dogs printed on them. This embarasses him somewhat. He is stubborn when he makes up his mind at times.