Aleister Jindrich
Aleister Jindrich
Occupation Chorister
Gender Male
Skin colour Pale
Race/Species Human
Fate Deceased
Appearances Ghost Knight

Aleister Jindrich is a chorister and student at Salisbury Cathedral School. He died and broke his neck when he fell out of a window. There are various versions of how this had happened. Since then, he became a ghost.


Asking William Longspee for helpEdit

"I called on him to protect me from one of my teachers. I was tired of the constant beatings, and I had heard about the knight who sleeps in the cathedral and who has sworn to protect the weak and all that. Oh, he did help me. He had my teacher kneeling in front of him, sobbing, and the man never touched me again."
—Aleister Jindrich

Tired of the constant beatings from his teacher, Aleister summoned William Longspee for help. Longspee had his teacher kneeling in front of him, sobbing. The teacher never dared touch Alesiter again.


When Longspee asked Aleister to find his heart for him, Aleister did indeed find the heart, but requested Longspee kill his teacher as a price, which Longspee refused to do. Aleister mocked him, claiming he would bury the heart again. Helpless and desperate, Longspee drew his sword. Frightened, Aleister stumbled and fell out of the window, breaking his neck.

Ghost KnightEdit

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Physical AppearanceEdit



  • Zelda mentions that one of the rumours surrounding his death is that Lord Stourton pushed him out for being very distantly related to the Hartgills. Whether it is true is not certain.