Albert Chanute
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Occupation Treasure-hunter (formerly)

Tavern owner

Home The Mirrorworld
Gender Male
Race/Species Human, rumoured Troll ancestry
Weapon Magic knife (formerly)

Other magical items

Fate Alive
Appearances Reckless

Albert Chanute is a former treasure-hunter, a trade for which he is much reknowned. He mentored Jacob Reckless for a period of time, during which he lost his arm and almost his life to an Ogre if not for the interferance of Jacob. His loss of his arm prevented him from continueing his profession as a treasure-hunter. He then became the owner of a tavern named the Ogre.


Chanute was a reknowned treasure-hunter, one of the best during the time of the Empress's father, and by the time the Empress took the throne, he was much reknowned. He received numerous trophies and kept mementos from his glory days, including the head of a Brown Wolf, the oven door from a gingerbread house, a cudgel-in-the-sack and the arm of an Ogre. The Empress received him in person three times, which only occurs if acquiring the treasure is of high danger.

Becoming a mentorEdit

For many years, Chanute was Jacob's mentor. He taught Jacob his trade and how to gather fame and fortune in the Mirrorworld. However, he had a love of drinking, becoming so drunk that Jacob would start hiding the bottles, despite the fact that Chanute would beat him for it. Chanute beat Jacob often, even whilst sober, until one day Jacob pointed Chanute's own pistol at him. Once he looked in the Hungry Forest child-eater's house for a Witch comb that would turn you into a crow if you put them in your hair. He sent Jacob in to scout first, convincing him that the Witch had flown out. The Witch discovered him, and, outraged, put her fingers on his throat, burning him. Chanute poured whisky on Jacob's wounds. Still, it was weeks before the burns healed, and even then, the imprints of the Witch's fingers were still visible on his throat.

Losing his armEdit

Chanute's love of drink was ultimately the end of his treasure hunting days. Whilst he and his apprentice were in an Ogre's cave, Chanute had been so drunk he couldn't see straight. Before Jacob managed to kill the Ogre, the Ogre took off Chanute's arm and nearly his head as well. After the experience, he stopped drinking, though he still longs to drink. Chanute started a tavern, the Ogre, and mounted up momentos from his glory days of a treasure hunter on the wall, including the arm of the Ogre that vanquished his treasure hunting days.


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Physical ApperanceEdit

"Chanute was such a gross hulk of a man that people said he had Troll blood running through his veins, not a compliment in the Mirrorworld. But until the Ogre chopped off his arm, Albert Chanute had been the best treasure hunter in all of Austry, and for many years Jacob had been his apprentice."

Chanute is such a gross hulk of a man that some people think he might have Troll ancestry due to his ugliness. He has a fleshy nose and spiky hair.


"I have no friends. And you don't, either. You have to trust friends, and neither of us is very good at that."
—Albert Chanute to Jacob Reckless on friends


Jacob RecklessEdit